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Reading for the Holidays


At this time of year, I love to give books to those that I love.  I especially treasure the chance to search out new and unusual books for all the readers in my life.  One book that will be under our tree come Christmas morning is the second much anticipated book from Cressida Cowell called The Wizard of Once: Twice the Magic.  My ten year old was elated when we discovered the first one in a small book shop in Scotland this summer.  After he devoured this tale he wanted more.  How could I resist?  When the book was released it made its way into my shopping cart to await Christmas morning.  Not to be outdone, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is still a household favourite with my two boys.  The newly anticipated The Meltdown will be making an appearance at our house via a gift from Grandma.  Jeff Kinney continues to delight not just my kids but also my students who are in grades 9 and 10 especially appealing to my struggling readers.  They love the stories and I am happy to offer these books in my classroom library.  One recommendation came from a colleague who shared with me Kenneth Oppel’s novel The Boundless.  I am often Instagramming (@Miss_T_Books), Facebooking and using Goodreads to share my reading highlights, so he suggested this book to me. Described as both an adventure novel and a murder-mystery it sounds like a delicious read for my son.

Sometimes a book pops out or finds me in the book store.  At a recent member’s only shopping event at my local Indigo, I found that book while waiting in the very long line that stretched to the back of the store.  Trying to balance my large bundle of books stacked strategically in my arms, I passed the music section with not only biographies and vinyl records on display, but one stand out.  Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks by André and Tenaya Darlington was that book.  I was immediately drawn to the photos, art and recipes knew exactly who would love this book.  Three people in fact who are known to mix the odd drink from time to time while listening to various tracks flow from the speakers.  These were the people who would love this book so into my bundle it went!

The holidays are that time of year where we can give freely of ourselves, our time and share with others.  I am fortunate to be able to give back so each year a few children’s gifts get purchased and with every gift, a book in enclosed.  A young girl had asked for arts and crafts so naturally I added a picture book of Georgia O’Keeffe to hopefully inspire this child in her creative quest.  For another it was a picture book of penguins.  No matter what the gift, a book can inspire, spark that creativity or just be enjoyed on a hot summer night sipping a Queen’s cocktail.

I wonder what books will be under the tree for me?


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