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Sparking Joy

This was the second book that I read by Marie Kondo and like her first book, I enjoyed it. I am a tidy person by nature so I was intrigued by this book to see how it added to her first debut book. KonMari gives some great suggestions especially when it comes to large spaces in the home like kitchens and bedrooms. Her methods are relatively easy to follow (although I have not mastered folding just yet!). I like her method of laying everything out in one space. Although daunting, it does work as I have mastered this with my clothing and footwear.

Because we are in such a consumer-driven culture in North America, her book is very refreshing. Do I really need all the stuff I have? Do I really need more stuff when I shop? Probably not. Because I am an avid reader, I found her “book” section the hardest to complete. I like to think of my books as old friends but KonMari does offer some excellent advice when it comes to the discarding method. When I look at the number of books that I have, in particular textbooks from classes I have taken for professional development, I realize that she is right. Why am I keeping these items? Time for the recycle bin.

Although her methods are not for every person, KonMari writes in an encouraging and thoughtful way. She even tackles a section in her book of almost a how-to live with other people’s stuff without losing your mind. She is a thoughtful writer and I appreciate her advice for sparking joy in the items that I already have.  GoodReads Review